We are happy to announce that the addition of our new Self-Climbing Truss Towers have made a fantastic impact on some local and out of town events.

Self Climbing towers become very practical within venues where rigging is not possible. This is accomplished using Tower Truss, Head Blocks, Carriers and Chain Motors or Chain Fall.

On a technical note: Tower Truss is 100% DIFFERENT from Standard Truss. Tower Truss is specifically designed to handle 5600lbs of Arial Load and 5600lbs of Flexural Load (also known as Bending Stress), which is 100% greater then standard Box Truss. Why; because standard box truss does not have an Arial Load rating, only a horizontal load rating.

Below are some recent events where our self-climbing truss tower systems were deployed.

For more information or to inquire about an event please contact us directly. 248-762-2898.

Truss Goal Post w/ Self Climbing Truss Towers.
Carrying Audio, Lighting & Video elements.
Self Climbing Truss Towers @ the 1/2 Way Point.
Carrying Audio, Lighting & Video elements.
Self Climbing Truss Tower Fully Deployed for an Event
Carrying Lighting & Video elements.


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