You may not have known but “The Siren Hotel” recently opened in the Wurlitzer Building which has been vacant since 1982.  This boutique hotel contacted VSP nearly 60 days ago, shortly after opening their doors, stating they were unhappy with their Audio System.  Being confused, since the doors just opened, we went on a site visit to inspect the system and see what their concerns were.  After some investigation and questions we found out that a consumer grade audio package was installed and that any one person could open their cell phone and change the music and adjust the volume within the Lobby, Halls and Candy Bar.  “The Siren Hotel” was fed up with the state of their consumer audio package and decided to contract with VSP to upgrade their audio system.

With 3 full days running control cable, drilling holes, wiring their audio rack and software adjustments, The Siren Hotel and the Candy Bar are hearing audio at a new level with simplified user interaction for the Management of the property.

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New Audio Rack within Network Closet
Rear View of Audio Rack with neat and organized wiring, ready for operation
Wire tracing from existing system prior to removing audio from existing AV Rack.


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