The DIA is one of the most respected museums in the United States, with over 100 Galleries and estimated at $8.5 billion in artwork.  So when VSP was contracted once again to provide services for their Annual Gala “Splendors or India and Asia”, we were honored.

As guests registered, they were immersed with the sights and sounds of what was to come as guests made their way to the event spaces.  Hidden speakers provided an ambient sound track of the countries, while lighting bathed the space in deep magentas.

Each guest dined in a specific dining room based on their tier level, featuring multi-course meals by Forte Belanger.  Each space had a different design concept which was created by using Decor elements, Lighting, Audio and other design elements.

Following the dining experience, guest were relocated to the after-glow with rhythms from a DJ flown in from Mumbai.   With the street like atmosphere, guests danced the night away under the colors of moving lights.

This was a huge team project by multiple companies including:  Detroit Cultivated, Event Theory, Forte Belanger, Dawn Owen Designs, Prashe Decor, Detroit Institute of Arts, & Visionary Sound Productions.

Dining Area Lighting Design
Elephant Lighting Design
Dining Area Lighting Design
Dining Area Lighting Design
After-Glow Event Space
Check-In Tent Lighting Design
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