As almost everyone knows, Super Bowl XLLL was this past Sunday. What you may not know is that VSP was honored to be part of a private event in ATL for the weekend of “ATLSB53”

Since this was a fortune 500 company, all system controllers were backed up by redundant systems to ensure a seamless event for the 4 days. Lighting had 2 consoles operating at all times using the ETC network. Should a console fail, the backup console would take over ensuring all lighting cues remained the same. Video playback was completed using Mac based theatrical software, running on two separate computers one as a main, the other as a backup running simultaneously. Content playback was rehearsed for nearly two day ensuring a seamless run of show. Audio consisted of a second console on stand-by, since redundant networking of audio is not currently available.

Many of the production elements are hidden including all the tower lighting elements. Each tower cube was deployed with a separate fixture using a glare shield to prevent the light from showing on the cubes above and below. The end result was each cube having complete individual color control.

A Special Thank You to our client Event Theory for not only trusting in us to provide an amazing production for the client, but also for handling all the logistics & trucking of our equipment. All decor elements, furniture and displays were provided by Event Theory of Warren. Also a Thank You to the VSP team Ben and Tony for all their hard work before and during the event.

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