This past Saturday the Detroit Children’s Fund held their 3rd Annual Dinner Gala at the historic State Savings Bank in Downtown Detroit. Raising millions which will help K-12 public schools improve in the city of Detroit.

“Living Art” was the clients vision, in a portrait like setting where the Students speak their “Hopes and Dreams.” As you’ll see within the photos below, the walls are “Living Art”. In order the achieve superior clarity we deployed Christie 14K HD Projectors along with using control software for all the content containing the nearly 160 playback cues.

Audio was 100% hidden to keep with the “Gallery” feel of the space. Once the “Living Art” came to life audio was directed to a specific quadrant within the space so guests were actually listening from the same location as the “Living Art.”

Lighting was achieved with a mixture of Wash, Spot and Ellipsoidal Fixtures, creating the starry night look which resembled the invite to the Gala.

A Special Thank You to the Detroit Children’s Fund for your Trust in making your visions come to life.


Panoramic Dining Room
Starry Night Sky
After-Glow Space

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